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Tliman is an established company with various offices in North Cyprus and Sweden.We are committed to excellence and embrace change.

About the TLIMAN

Tliman Group is moving forward to reach the reputation of the first and  top  investment  consulting  company with   the   participation   of   investors   in   the   capital   market   of  Iran  and  the  rest of the world  and  by the domination  of  a  wide  range  of  financial  consulting, investment, and asset management services at the level of international standards.

This  company,  as one  of  the branches of Javadi Holding, brought to the forefront the  financial and business services that bring the highest value to their customers and the best investment  in terms of commercial value by  gaining  and  managing  capital  in  profitable  industries  and  services that  have a competitive advantage, focusing  on  real estate,  luxury car  rental, luxury travel tours,  and immigration  services  in Northern Cyprus and Turkey.

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:: Richard Javadi

We  believe  that by   empowering our  clients  with the    tools    and resources    they need to succeed, we  can  make  a positive   impact on    their    lives and    the   world around   us.


Tliman consists of several  sub – groups,   including  TlimanLyx, TlimanAds,  TlimanTur, TlimanLand,  TlimanCar, and TlimanArt. The  following  is  the  organizational  structure  of  the  group, Followed by the description of the activities of each sub-group.

Tliman ADS

Advertising Agencies
This is an online store that operates in the North Cyprus region.
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Tliman LYX

Luxury Real Estate and Residence
Buy, sell, rent, invest and pre-sell real estate
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Tliman LND

Construction and investment
Investing and operating tourism projects, especially hotels, tourism complexes and restaurants
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Tliman TOUR

Tourism Services
Executive planning of tour services for tourists from all over the world to North Cyprus
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Tliman CAR

Luxury Car rental
Renting cars with and without a driver
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Tliman INS

Insurance Services
All insurance services, including car, accident and building insurance, etc., in the North Cyprus region
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Tliman FOOD

Cafe and Restaurant
Restaurant and cafe management services and specialized personnel training
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Tliman UNI

Student Visa
All services related to studying in North Cyprus
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Tliman ART

Export and import of traditional, foreign and domestic handicrafts
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If you’re looking for insights on the latest industry trends, updates on our products and services, or expert analysis on the issues that matter most to your business, you’ll find it all here in our news section.

Illegal betting in Cyprus

Illegal betting in Cyprus

Relatives of murdered Turkish Cypriot businessman Halil Falyali have been

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Unarmed aircraft

Turkish unarmed aerial vehicles and combat drones are in Northern

Northern Cyprus 2023 financial budget

Northern Cyprus 2023 financial budget

Northern Cyprus 2023 financial budget, worth 35 billion and 850

Press conference of Germany and Cyprus

Press conference of Germany and Cyprus

The foreign ministers of Germany and the Republic of Cyprus

Construction of a hospital in Girne

Construction of a hospital in Girne

According to the economical protocol between Turkey and North Cyprus,

Women rights in north cyprus

Women rights in north cyprus

Doğuş Derya, VP of the women’s organization of the Northern